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Business Consulting - Hands-on, Result-Driven

Bringing More Success to Your Enterprise

When you need coaches, mentors, business consultants who carry an equal stake in your success. Trustworthy facilitators who are by your side to support not only in evolving strategy and action plans but also to ensure results by executing the outlined plans. When you need advisors, with real-life experiences, who firmly believe in the truth of Business Consulting and Management Consulting.

You need associates with result-driven engagement. Someone to take full responsibility from ‘Ideation to Fruition’.

Do These Statements Ring A Bell?

Prospective clients contact our competition, but not us.
We should be visible
to them.

We grew well with Referrals. But not anymore.
Need scalable ‘Lead Funnel’.

Constant pressure; can’t go on.
Our Team needs to perform better.

Competitors are profitable.
We need Better Operations & Profits.

Competitors are growing.
But our business is not growing anymore.

When to rely on Business Consulting?

When you need expertise to:

Compete in the rapidly changing world –  as it leaves you amazed and bewildered, probably behind competition.

Re-engineer Business  – and transform issues and challenges,  into a profitable venture with sustained growth.

Reform your Business –  because it calls for redesigned Strategy and Business Processes.

Get the best of Cost Containment –  to get better control over business finances and profitability.

Develop & Build Talent –  to keep ahead of competition through culture of innovation and learning & development.

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GautamManthan - Continual, Healthy Growth for Enterprises

Enabling business enterprises to transform and become leaders in their respective domains and industries. We do so by finding solutions to their issues, set the ball rolling and simultaneously nurturing, empowering and enabling their teams for continual long-term success.

We passionately enable creation of successful, leading organizations where frequent raptures of celebratory laughter and passionate happiness dissuade building of corporate walls of stoic silences and stress.

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Result-Driven Engagements

The GautamManthan Way

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Ideation to Fruition – Result-Driven Engagement

You can look forward to increasing market footprint, top-line as well as bottom-line. Concurrently becoming a talent powerhouse.

We help you achieve this metamorphosis by becoming an integral part of your enterprise, without causing radical disruptions to the ongoing business.

Two key tenets shape the founding principles of our philosophy:

 – Involvement over mere engagement

 – Evolution over disruption

Our Key Enterprise Transformation Solutions

Can your enterprise Benefits By Engaging External Business Consultants?

Take ‘Business Readiness Self-Assessment’ to check whether you should look for external Business Consultants. And if yes, which types? Enterprises spend a lot of time and money to get what we are offering you as a complimentary gesture. This Assessment gives you automated and unbiased suggestions on the state of your business and the consulting support best-suited for your organization. It sort of gets you prepared and ready for discussions with ‘potential consultants’.

Why a Boutique Consultancy for You !

You need specialist Consulting and comprehensive support for Strategy, Management, Business, Marketing & Sales, Talent, and General Management. Where a first-hand view of the struggles of businesses and startups is the unique driving perspective. A hands-on business consulting organization whose approach is based on pragmatism and empathy.

A friend, philosopher and guide who can work shoulder to shoulder with you and ensure achievement of desired results. You need advisors who are subject-matter experts with extensive and diverse experiences, focused on helping mid-sized and larger enterprises

GautamManthan quite fits the bill. Key characteristics, given below, ensure success when you engage GautamManthan:

Real Life Experiences

Lead consultants engaged in each project have years and decades of rich experiences working in real-life situations in multicultural & multinational organizations. Witness to many situations, they have won over many a battle of business.

Deep Expertise

Resources deployed for each facet of a project are so chosen basis depth of their knowledge and subject-matter expertise. These resources are always a step ahead of others in their field of work. They are the subject-matter experts.

Entrepreneurial Flexibility

GautamManthan does good cherry-picking while building its resource pool. We ensure our resources are focused go-getters and flexible enough to adapt to varying needs of a project. They must give their best to get desired results.

Need to Rewrite Your Success Story?

Need an external Expert? That’s the right way.

Every Chandragupta needs a Chanakya?