Result-Based Consulting with GautamManthan Consultants

Business Growth Consulting

To Build Profitable Businesses

Good Business Growth Consulting is about helping clients transform and grow. Effective Consulting is about continuously adding to clients’ topline, talent, profits as well as market footprint and brand image.

We understand ‘Healthy Business Growth’ needs practical, result-driven Strategic Plan, Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Sales Strategy, Talent Management, Efficient Operations and Effective General Management.

Need 'Ideation to Fruition' Business Consulting
And Desired Results, Assured?

You have reached the right place if you are looking to:

  • Grow business well, with a result-driven consulting partner.
  • Get objective-driven, high ROI, business consulting.
  • Streamline enterprise operations.
  • Soundboard innovative ideas for the next leap.

At GautamManthan we believe that any consulting is only as good as the results it delivers. So, we pick the gauntlet where others dither, should they be scared to wither!

For the enterprise ships in the rough seas, we support ‘Stern to Stern’. Rejuvenated, functional smooth sail, you get in return.  So sure we are of our abilities that you get what is ‘quite unheard’ of in the consulting industry :

  • “Ideadation to Fruition” Engagement.
  • Result-Driven, Performance-Linked Remuneration.

We are passionate experts determined to help entrepreneurial ventures grow and transform into sustainable and profitable businesses. We do this through wisdom, enriched by real-life experiences and contemporary pragmatism. For us it is all about result-driven business growth consulting with implementation. After all, any effort must bring profitable businesses to our clients.

Our Beneficial Consulting Services

With our experienced, hands-on Business Growth Consultants, business leaders have access to subject-matter expertise. Our clients are benefitted with efficient management of crucial functions of their businesses.

Key domains of our expertise include:

Business Consulting

Trusted Business Consulting, Management Consulting,  Business Advisory, Business Coaching and Mentoring……

Business Strategy Consulting

Business Model Canvas, Blue Ocean, Business Strategy, Business Plans, Business Feasibility Studies Strategic Plan and effective implementation…….

Brand & Marketing

Brand Identity, Brand Reinforcement, Messaging Strategy, Communication Plan, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Sales Support……

Sales, Revenue Maximization

Robust Sales Strategy & detailed Plan. Motivated, goal-driven and performing sales team. Building profitable sales…….

Operations Optimization

Efficient and Streamlined Business processes. Efficient implementation and continuous improvement…….

Building Talent Powerhouse

Passionate, willing, effective and motivated Talent Powerhouse. A Coveted Place to Work…….

Good Reasons to Choose GautamManthan !

It is a tedious task, for us consultants, to find worthy clients.  It is a bigger challenge for clients to find suitable, effective, no-nonsense, value-add consultants. With conventional practices and in the absence of any practical testing criteria, it is a high-risk gamble for clients to engage a consultant. For the clients, stakes are high in terms of money and organizational harmony. 

Thus, at GautamManthan we adopt an unconventional approach. Both parties start with a win-win stance and continue reaping mutual benefits in the long-term too. A comprehensive victory for both parties. That is what makes us Business Growth Consultants with a Difference. Some key highlights of our way of taking up and implementing projects.

Unconventional Methodology

You get to try before investing fully. Project starts with detailed workshops to un-piece the puzzles shortlist requisite strategies. Each session with fruit-bearing takeaways and toll-gates for further collaboration.

Result-Driven Remuneration

Not burning a hole in your pocket. You pay as per agreed Performance Linked Fee Structure. Win-win for both parties. We are paid for our time, effort, achievements; you pay for agreed results.

Comprehensive Engagement

To a client organization our advisor would be a seeker, research expert, a professor, a strategist, a business leader, a manager, an auditor a friend too. Engaged from conceptualization till desired execution.

Try Some Brainstorming Workshops - Test Us?

Check feasibility and possible outcomes from the project?

Business Consulting, Management Consulting

  • Strategic Business Growth through development and implementation of Strategic Plans for Profitable Revenue-Growth.
  • Subject-matter Expertise for Business Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Talent Management, Product, Pricing, Operations and Services.
  • Operational Efficiency Improvement with cost containment and quality control.
  • Company’s Wealth Enhancement through robust Financial planning and fiscal prudence.
  • Make in India for foreign MNCs through support in establishing fully functional Indian subsidiaries. 

Business Strategy & Strategic Planning

  • Setting Vision and Objectives foreseeing till distant future of the organization.
  • Efficient Strategic Planning to build long-term blueprint to realize the ambitious dreams.
  • Comprehensive Strategic Plans to build clear roadmap.
  • Detailed Business Plans to fix milestones, resource requirements and set benchmarks for 3, 4, 5 years.
  • Implementation Plans to implement, monitor and continually improve on the business plans.
  • Immersed support to set up new businesses.

Brand Building and Marketing Strategy

  • Long-term Objective Setting to set in stone Objectives, Customer segmentation, Value Proposition and much more.
  • Brand Building with sustained, long-term ever-evolving brand strategies.
  • Messaging & Communication Rejuvenation to capture the right eyes and ears. Increase market share and mindshare.
  • Growth Hacking using optimum 360 degree integrated tools – conventional, digital, social consumer marketing and more.
  • Persuasive Marketing Material to increase market footprint and top-of-the-mind brand recall.
  • Assessing Agencies to help clients agencies worth their salt.

Sales Strategy, Plan and Revenue Maximizatione

  • Effective Sales Strategies to ensure elevated levels of business and productivity.
  • Efficient Sales Plans to effectively translate strategies into results. Building Sales Funnels to reap real benefits.
  • Robust Processes and Systems to maximize conversion in national, international B2B & B2C sales channels.
  • Motivated, Objective-driven teams to ensure optimum sales revenues with enhanced profits.
  • Sales and Coaching Workshops to create culture of objective-driven behavior and constant learning. 
  • Revenue Maximization to put the plans in practice, supervise, review, moderate and get desired results. 

Maximizing Operational Efficiency

  • Optimizing and containing costs for greater return on investment.
  • Implementing robust Operations and Quality systems to achieve customer delight.
  • Deploying BI dashboards and decision-making tools for effective planning and control.
  • Building national, international Sales and Service Delivery channels for effective reach.

Talent Management & Coaching​

  • Organization Designing for an optimal structure with right job designs, competencies, KPIs and ownership.
  • Optimization of HR Policies encompassing entire employee lifecycle.
  • Employee Surveys and Feedback Workshops to take stock of existing culture and motivation.
  • Executive Coaching to maximize potential and build consistently high performing leaders and “Star” performers.
  • Creation of Motivating Workplace through effective talent acquisition, retention, management, and learning & development.
  • Building Perpetually Progressive Companies by creating culture of Innovation.