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Business Readiness Assessment

We are living through unprecedented times, First the pandemic, then the wars, threats of looming recession etc.

This seems to put severe restrains on businesses and individuals.

However these type of times open several windows of opportunites for the entrepreneurial minds. But with traditional mediums of new business generation and sales severely restricted, businesses need to reinvent for the new normal. 

You would surely agree with the above statement

What is your take on the following three key points on the current state of play for majority of businesses?

Grass is Greener on the Other Side

Business revenues have dried up. Regular clients are either buying less or not buying at all. Money is stuck up in unpaid invoices or ready to be shipped material. Organizations are even struggling to generate fresh business with conventional methods.

Many enterprises have started to do much better than the others. They are getting new clients and generating profitable revenues.

Centrestage in the Periscope

As big businesses try continuing operations, their supply-chains are under threat. They are finding that many of their critical suppliers are no longer in business. These potential clients are making efforts to find new suppliers.

Enterprising organizations have taken this opportunity to generate new business. They have improved their visibility, reach and processes so that Indian as well as foreign clients are able to find them for new business.

New Wine in a New Bottle

In sectors where the impact of the pandemic is long-term, smart entrepreneurs are looking to enter new sectors and markets. But with the traditional sales and marketing methods severely curtailed, many are not able to pivot successfully and get or serve new clients.

Smart entrepreneurs are exploring new product lines and new customer segments. Will they be able to pivot?

While the challenges for businesses are huge, substantial growth opportunities lie within these challenges. The need of the hour is an organization to adopt processes for new business generation, which are modern, more effective and better than its nearest competition.

GautamManthan is successfully helping businesses

Led by Mr Navneet Gautam, our team is using its expertise and experience to create opportunities for businesses like yours. We are one of the few fortunate consulting companies who have successfully changed the functioning to help clients succeed with remote engagements.

GautamManthan has been successfully helping organizations optimize their business functions with the singular goal of growing business and generating more profits.

Our own abilities have become more fruit bearing during this pandemic as we have –

  • Helped a corporate employee solutions provider scale up their lead generation more than 3 times in less than a month. Now helping them with the next step – better sales conversions, in addition to higher lead generation.
  • Helped an industrial set-up become visible to new clients as far as 3,000 kms away.
  • Helping an Auto Component manufacturer find new clients in foreign markets.
  • Helped a furniture and fixture supplier pivot their entire business to become a protective equipment supplier not just for the hospitality industry but also for the health sector.

Since the beginning, our mission has been to serve the underserved businesses and equip them with modern best practices. We support them to realize their full potential through expert guidance, and practical hands-on implementation.

GautamManthan has a unique client-friendly method of engagement. Our clients love us as they get much success with our affordable, result-based fee structure and full support in execution and realization of set objectives.

Take Complimentary Business Assessment

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Did you pass with the flying colours ?

If the self-assessment gave you green light, chill, continue the good work. Ask for external consulting support only for new projects, if you feel the need.

No green light? Worry not. Pick up your phone. Send an email or WhatsApp message. You shall see the lights turning greener within 3 months.