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Every Chandragupta Maurya needs a Chanakya. The greatest business leaders of today rely on coaching and mentoring to give them alternate perspectives beyond their blind spots. 

Sensible organizations do not shy away from engaging the expert support. Support  in the form of Business Coaching, Executive & Leadership Coaching and Mentoring supporting Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Sales Strategy & Planning, Talent Management, Leadership Development.

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You are an important part of a successful business, and much is on your shoulders. However, you are struggling to take it beyond the routine because general principles of business and conventional wisdom do not seem to help beyond a point.

Doing business has always required continual upskilling because conventional methods of doing business keep changing, and that too at a rapid pace.

What you need, to take your business to higher realms, are contemporary and adaptable methodologies specially customized for  your specific needs. Methods which provide you solutions with your long-term goals in mind. Additionally, if your business keeps hitting road bumps, building on the elementary principles offers tremendous help. 

Customized Coaching by GautamManthan

Our Signature Business Coaching Modules

Our Coaching Modules are curated for transformative skill development to empower business leaders and teams with the high-impact skills that drive innovation, competitiveness, and growth.

Our subject-matter experts curate hands-on, transformative learning programs to suit the exclusive needs of your organization. These Workshops are conducted through remote/in-person/hybrid deep-dive sessions to enable extensive brainstorming, discussion and simulations on company’s scenario. This proven methodology ensures rapid soak up and positive results with application of deployable skills.

Built-in objective-driven action plans are supplemented with support for implementation, supervision and assuring results.

Check some of our Signature Modules to get a glimpse of the wonderful world of transformative coaching.

Designing of Coaching & Mentoring modules with GautamManthan

Designing of Coaching & Mentoring Programs

Our programs are designed to help your present-day and/or future leaders develop the skills they would need to become more successful and effective leaders. We administer a variety of programs, broadly categorized under the delivery styles given below:

For Individuals: Managed by Certified personal coaches these one-on-one Leadership Coaching and Executive Coaching programs are designed to help leaders develop their personal and professional skills and abilities. One size does not fit all is truly applicable here. So, every subject gets fully customized, constantly evolving support. Methodology, frequency and duration of intervention is designed based on the subject and objectives.

Group coaching: It is a step short of Individual Coaching. Conducted in the form of workshops these are designed to foster environment where leaders learn from each other and share best practices under keen moderation and value-adds from experienced coaches. Our coaches who have themselves done it and seen it all.

Mentoring: These programs are designed for broader guidance whereby the Mentee would need brainstorming sessions, sounding board or an outsider’s perspective on choosing the right path. Held once a month, or even less frequently, such associations bring out the best without needing involvement in day-to-day functioning.

In our experience, a significant amount of knowledge and skill are already available with most in the Leadership Teams. But many a time these go unchanneled or unrecognized or remain under-appreciated. Our outcome-based, interactive business coaching workshops help you appreciate applicable skills & strengths in your business. We arm your teams with actionable intelligence, the latest tools and plans to go out and apply those in the market to reap rich benefits. That is why we call it Coaching for Smart Business Leaders and the Businesses of Tomorrow.

Our D.A.R.T.S. Coaching Methodology involves intense discovery, conceptualization, designing, execution, long-term improvement action plans and careful monitoring of implementation. That is the strong fundamental that ensures our clients get excellent results from such exercises.

Coaching is most effective when you stay on course with your customized, evolved action plan. Think there is a need to pivot or change plans mid-flight? That part too is designed for your coaching plan! We offer you the option of regular reviews to help your team put the action plans in play. We help you identify follow-up actions and requisite course corrections.

To ensure effectiveness, we work at a level and pace most individuals or teams can adapt to. As with life, once the designated time slot nears its end, it is usual to call it a day and rush through the remaining content and exercises. We understand that your team and individual participants might operate at different speeds. Learning must not be rushed, and each session must be maximized. Thus, we put fluid time limits to maximize benefits from each exercise. Our aim is to get the desired results and not count the number of hours that our team puts into each workshop.

When you team is either not able to get full day in one go or you feel they need to learn such skills in short capsules, each full-day workshops can be conducted in three parts during non-business hours – in the mornings, evenings or on weekends. We emphasize that our aim is to get the results. Thus, our coaches shall be happy to run these workshops on weekends, holidays, offsite venues with much flexibility.

Pre-assessment – Basic benchmarking to ensure everybody is on the same page.

Knowledge sessions – Understanding the key components to success.

Coaching exercises – Applying the knowledge acquired in the knowledge sessions to ensure effective application.

Blueprints – Summarizing the learnings and preparing blueprints of result-driven action plans.

Action Plans – Wrap-up, Conclusions and Action Plans– Detailed plan to reap benefits and achieve desired results.

Reviews – Post-workshop reviews and assessment of implementation and effectiveness.

Building high performance culture: Effective coaching and mentoring helps you build positively competitive, collaborative, common-goal culture. It gives you immediate benefits which keep multiplying over long-period.

Increased employee productivity: Coaching helps the participants increase enhance their efficiency and efficacy. It thus helps you create a more positive and productive work environment.

Increased profits: Business coaching helps you increase profits by enabling you to improve your business processes and strategies.

Reduced stress: Coaching helps you reduce stress by helping you develop better skills. Let’s say modules such as ‘Time Management’ and Effective Delegation’.

Improved customer satisfaction: Business coaching helps you improve your customer satisfaction by supporting to build a better customer experience.

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Why GautamManthan!

Each of our business coaching workshops adapts to your specific needs, business and industry. We aim to set your business on to a path of sustainable, profitable growth.

Conducting a customized Coaching Workshop is not the only part demanding a lot of detailing and expertise. Much work and thinking are needed before and after each workshop. It starts with need assessment, employee interactions, designing curriculum, delivery method, delivery and progress monitoring.

Each workshop is followed by post-workshop observations, tweaking, reporting and handholding. Aim is to get you the desired results in the shortest time.

And this comprehensive package is not easy to find.

Need Expert Coaching Support?

Every Chandragupta Maurya needs a Chanakya.