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Are you looking for Training & Development, Corporate Learning, and Assessment solutions to help your ‘human resources’ enrich their soft skills, enhance productivity and build an ability to continually grow in the organization?

We understand that ‘Effective Talent Growth’ would need practical, result-driven Learning & Development Strategy, Goal Setting, Implementation Plans, Execution and Monitoring. 

Learning and development, training solutions by GautamManthan
Sowing the seeds of development with SHRM, training, coaching , mentoring, leadership development

“Training is not Like a Prayer; Learning can be Engineered!”

If you believe in the statement above, you are in safe hands to get bespoke solutions for:

Custom-crafted programs suited to your organizational needs.

Capacity Building and Performance Enhancement.

Behavioral Competency Development.

Employee Self-Development.

Leadership Development.

Assessment Centers and Development Centers

We believe that any Learning and Development or Learning and Training program is just as good as the lasting impact it makes.

Our team of experts accomplishes this through painstakingly curated, measurable, and bang for the buck Learning Solutions & Training Methods. Specially formulated methodologies to enable long-term learning through multiple stimuli.

Sowing the seeds of development with SHRM, training, coaching , mentoring, leadership development

L & D, Training Solutions with a Difference

For over 26 years Mentor has constantly demonstrated credibility and efficacy of these programs, especially in the Indian environment. These solutions have been specially designed and curated by Mentor’s team of experts, drawing from proven scientific principles of Psychology, Neuroscience, Human and Organization Behavior, Behavioral Economics, Engineering Process and Design.

Big advantage for client organizations and the stakeholders – These programs are ably and seamlessly managed by us and do not require client teams to sacrifice their regular work to devote time here. This is successfully achieved through specialty Learning Management System and a befitting Mobile App developed after over two decades of research, learning, experience and field applications.

Learning and Development programs are categorized under the following faculties:

Enduring programs

Custom-designed programs designed to address your specific needs or those of your enterprise. These can be conducted online or in the classroom session or in hybrid mode. These programs shall address specific gaps in your business processes or the training needs of your employees.

These programs are specially designed for your organization and needs. These are long-term programs and modules needing continued learning, interventions, monitoring and handholding. 

These programs last for several months and include handholding, knowledge imparting, and assessments followed by on-the-job monitoring for visibly positive results.

These programs are available as online, classroom & Hybrid formats, ensuring flexibility and accessibility to your employees.

Succinct workshops

These are workshops to address the standard needs of an enterprise. Assess the capabilities of employees or help them learn new skills or brush up on existing ones. Empowering them to take on regular issues in the enterprise. 

A great way to introduce new concepts or refresh existing skills. Over the years these topics have been mastered, enriched and evolved by upgrading thousands of employees from various large corporates.

These time-tested, universal, constantly evolving modules are customized to suit your organization. These are typically conducted over 2-3 days, covering a wide range of topics. E.g., Assessment Centers, Development Centers, Executive Presence, Leadership, Strategic Thinking, Customer service, Negotiation Skills, Time Management, Communication Skills, Team building, Conflict Management, Mastering Sales, Building High-Performance Teams, Presentation Skills, and the list continues….

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Key clients served by Mentor

Benefits of Corporate Training - Learning and Development

As you are already at this section of our website, we understand that you appreciate importance and benefits of developing Talent, Leadership and Business Success through Strategic HR initiatives, of which ongoing Learning and Development programs is an integral part. Thus, we shall briefly hint at the following benefits to check how our views resonates with your approach:

Direct Key Benefits to the organization:

  • Enhanced strategic growth and expansion for the organization.
  • Increased employee engagement and improved performance.
  • Improved productivity and profits per employee.
  • Reduced employee turnover and attrition.
  • Enhanced Brand Equity.
  • Increased industry competitiveness.
  • And more…..

Direct Key Benefits to the participants:

  • Improved self-awareness and efficiency.
  • Enhanced ability to learn better.
  • Improved managerial and job-related skills.
  • Increased confidence and efficacy.
  • Enrichment of leadership skills
  • Option of online, offline, hybrid combinations.
  • And more…..
Winning OD interventions with GautamManthan

Good Reasons to Choose GautamManthan & Mentor!

Our programs are result-driven engagements, and we are accordingly remunerated.

We are a unique team of talent enablers. We assess the present from a business consultant’s perspective. Thereafter we design and implement L & D solutions as a team of expert crafters.

Illustrious record of accomplishment of our consultants, coaches, trainers and team.

We build exclusive bespoke solutions for your organization and needs.

Our repertoire proudly holds a wide range to suit your specific needs.

Our programs follow a rigorous process starting with thorough assessment of your needs and people.

We use a variety of learning methods to keep your employees engaged.

We are committed to helping your business succeed.

We provide ongoing support and evaluation to ensure desired effectiveness and results.

Unconventional Methodology

You get to try before investing fully. Project starts with detailed discussions to un-piece the puzzles and shortlist requisite strategies. Each session with fruit-bearing takeaways and tollgates for further collaboration.

Result-Driven Remuneration

We work on a Performance Linked Fee Structure. We create a blueprint of project stages & milestones. Fees are paid against completion of each stage and achievement of results. Win-win for both parties. 

Comprehensive Engagement

To a client organization our experts would be a seeker, research expert, a professor, a strategist, a business leader, a manager, an auditor a friend too. Engaged from conceptualization till desired results.

We do it Differently. And We Do It Well - Our Approach

We believe that an effective learning and development program is the one which tailored to the specific needs of your organization. That is why rigorous needs assessment process is a prerequisite for designing our programs. We start by conducting assessment of your business, market and organizational processes.  We then conduct psychometric assessments to assess the skills and knowledge of your employees. This helps us to understand your business, your goals, and the skills and knowledge capabilities of your employees. This information helps us assess your specific needs. Following are the two main areas where we conduct assessments before defining the needs and scope of work:

Psychometric Assessments: We make full use of validated, scientific, effective psychometric assessment tools adopted and developed by Mentor. These psychometric assessments of your talent pool help us assess their existing skills, abilities, and personality traits. Resulting information is used to develop personalized development plans for such resources.

Organizational Assessments: We can conduct an assessment/audit to understand and identify gaps in relevant business processes. This information is then be used to develop custom training programs.

Once we have a clear understanding of your needs, we shall collaborate with you to develop custom-made programs to ensure achievement of your goals. We then work with you every step of the way to ensure that your employees are getting the most out of our programs. We will also provide you with ongoing post implementation support and evaluation to ensure that your program is effective.

We believe that learning should be engaging and interactive. Our programs use a variety of learning methods, including lectures, case studies, role-plays, and simulations. We also use technology to deliver our programs, which makes them more accessible and convenient for your employees.

We strongly believe training goes way beyond classroom lectures and motivational talks. Teaching must enable and empower employees to mark a positive impact on business success parameters.

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