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You hold a responsible position in a large organization. You are shouldering a very difficult yet less acknowledged task – Managing & Developing SHRM Solutions and Nurturing, Nourishing Talent. However, the organization is beset with many HR issues hampering requisite growth. Maximizing employee potential is still a distant dream.

You know a lot can be done to optimize Productivity, Attrition, Motivation, Engagement, Employer Branding, and the list can go on. You firmly believe reliable external resources can help you overcome these issues.  You must get Corporate Talent Development Programs designed to help your organization metamorphose into a ‘Talent Powerhouse’.

Today is a good day and you are on this page, reading these words. Two expert forces, GautamManthan and ‘Mentor Learning’, hold the panacea to help you with bespoke SHRM solutions and interventions to be crafted exclusively for your Talent and SHRM needs.

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Our Answers to Some Common Questions

Every business function is equally important and inseparably interlinked with other functions in the Value Chain. With AI, ML, and other technological advancements, many things can be automated. Some business functions have already seen changes over 2 decades.

However, It’s still eons that tech shall replace the human brain. It shall supplement it though. So it becomes exceedingly important for organizations, large or small, to build a strong HR function. 

Without specially qualified resources, no organization can build a cracker of the organization, Manage a Multigenerational Workforce, Develop SHRM Solutions, Upskill and Reskill Workforce, Foster Innovation and Intrapreneurship, Develop Leadership, Build Employer Brand, Build a Robust Culture, or ‘manage’ Change Management.

It’s the brain (human or chip) that determines how a vehicle shall drive and behave. Becomes even more critical when multiple engines propel the powertrain.

Try engaging real-life experts to assess and develop/re-invent SHRM Solutions, OD, or Talent Management (Call a Rose by Any Name)

Well, it’s anybody’s guess till….

Till you conduct gap assessment. Organization Design, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Performance Management, Training, Learning & Development, Organizational Design, Employee Engagement, Retention, Succession Planning, Culture, culture of innovation, employee productivity, or Strategic Planning……

Can be any one or more or all.

Please do not spend millions and regret like many others. Make good use of our experience and reputation.

Simply go through the following website page and you shall know in a jiffy.

Nourishing Talent – Art of Building A Better, High-Caliber Team

One of the toughest tasks for any client is to find a capable external consultant. You would know most of the conspicuous as well as latent factors one must look for. The following points give some hints.

  1. Expertise and Experience – Quality and quantity both matter here. GautamManthan and Mentor together bring decades of experience and the potent combination of running organizations and subject-matter expertise.
  2. Track Record – A look at the collage of reputed brand logos above stands testimony to it.
  3. Approach – Focused on bespoke, specially crafted solutions with a commitment to implementation and getting desired results.
  4. Profundity – Subject-matter expertise in the areas where you need support.
  5. Worldview – No fly-by-night operators or the ones with a kitty full of standard one-size-fits-all gigs. 
  6. Quiver full of arrows – Talk about tools developed through decades of experience, feedback and results. For example, captive online psychometric or cultural assessment tools etc.
  7. Monitoring system – An owned LMS platform provides unmatched impetus to the interventions.

Please do not spend millions and regret like many others. Make good use of our experience and reputation for building SHRM Solutions.

Simply go through the following website page and you shall know in a jiffy.

Nourishing Talent – Art of Building A Better, High-Caliber Team

Many consultants may balk at the idea.

Both parties should, preferably, go with remuneration based on three components:

  1. Planning fee – Win-win. Gives a chance for both parties to assess each other before full commitment.
  2. Retainer – Partly takes care of engagement and manhours. 
  3. Success Share – Ensures both parties benefit based on the results achieved.

The perceived absolute outflow may seem a bit higher in this model. However, it is always a sound decision with a much higher ROI for both parties.

Why SHRM with GautamManthan and Mentor!

SHRM, as we like to call it today, has been the fastest evolving business function which has reinvented and expanded itself over past 20 years or so. Once fondly called ‘Personnel Administration’ or ‘Manpower Management’ or ‘Personnel Management’ it now a Strategic Partner for progressive organizations.

Acquiring, building and nurturing Talent is a Herculean task, especially in the contemporary world. With ever-increasing expectations from and of employees, dynamically changing landscapes, ever-increasing need for subject matter experts, need for continuous innovation, unsatiable expectations of the stakeholders and much more. This list keeps growing, sprinkle some sensitivities and insensitivities, changing definition of things, acceptance and enhanced demands of acceptance, changing regulations and social norms etc.

Each organization needs a set of experts, and one is never enough to cover all aspects of Talent Management. 

This is where a team of experts, available through Mentor and GautamManthan, comes in handy.

Please visit the specific pages for each specialty to understand why we are the option you need for Talent Development.

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Your much-needed specialist solutions for Strategic HR and Talent Management. Hands-on solutions based on pragmatism and empathy, from reputed subject-matter experts having extensive experience.

You shall soon know us a group of friends, mentors, and coaches who work shoulder to shoulder with you ensuring the achievement of desired results.

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